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Discover all the museum's past exhibitions and events.



14.04 - 26.05.2023



01.01.23- 12.04.2023

The launch of a special collection of limited-edition skateboard items designed with local craftsmen and artists.


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2021, Sean Cliver propose

On May 31, 2020, Christo Vladimiroff Javacheff, better known by the simple name of Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, disappeared.


Their vision of art has always touched me deeply, and I had the chance to discover the work "The Gates" installed in Central Park.


A moment out of time filled with grace and absolute beauty since it had snowed in New York, offering a new perspective to this already sublime piece.


Paying homage to him, in their own way, was a no-brainer

We are called upon to organize demonstrations and competitions for sometimes surprising external service providers.

A look back at this 2017 event for the project to build a future railway station.

A crazy, improbable and therefore absolutely brilliant project to take on.

We started from a blank sheet, an old abandoned car park to create a place dedicated to urban cultures for a weekend.

A crazy success, due to its scale, but also its audience made up of people very far from our culture.

The exterior wall of the V4 museum (the former police station) served as a support for various visiting artists, the fresco by Lucas Beaufort ( delighted passers-by. Today, Luca's career has taken off and his many collaborations take him around the world. We were very lucky to be able to count him among us.

In 2015 we organized the second edition of La Stricte League, a skate competition organized in the main hall of Palexpo as part of the Swiss Car Event. This remains our biggest success to date with more than 13,000 visitors.



Mixing various passions, various influences is essential for us, sharing our values is even more so.

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