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Meet the founder : Jim Zbinden. 

Credit photo : Leonard Francano

What is the date and context of the creation of the museum?

For me, the museum has always existed, I realized very quickly that skateboarding was consumed and that this heritage had to be preserved. The project was born in 1995 with the creation of the association Pulp68, but it became more concrete in the mid-2000s.

This is when we chose to focus on heritage. Without financial support I had to separate myself several times from major pieces to save the museum project and it was at this time that I made the decision not to make these mistakes again. It was necessary to preserve these pieces and above all, to share them with the public. The choice to rename Pulp68 to The Geneva Skateboard Museum for a better understanding of the place turned out to be crucial in our journey.



What worlds of skateboarding are represented in the museum?


We try to present a complete panel of the history of skateboarding, ranging from the 50s to more contemporary pieces. Each era, each decade is marked by influences and today it is very interesting to be able to look at this with hindsight. Few practices have mixed so many graphic universes and we had so much freedom in the creation, see, the insolence which makes skateboarding a sport, a leisure, a means of locomotion but above all, an ephemeral art since all the achievements , as complex as they are, are made to be damaged in less than 5 minutes.

Why come to the Skate Museum? Who is he talking to ?


The museum is aimed at everyone, regardless of age or knowledge of the environment, it is arranged in such a way that everyone can read and understand this universe. The nostalgic will dive into their memories, the curious will be delighted to discover such a universe and the enthusiasts will discover pieces that we only see, most of the time, in photos on the internet.

How does the museum work? Is it a collaborative system?


The museum is associative, with a committee, we also take care of additional projects, such as the skate school, courses for veterans, demonstrations, exhibitions, the creation of skate parks and skate elements, we support brands skate or streetwear in creation, we organize about fifty events a year, whether local or international.


Skateboarding is booming with the Olympic Games, many people are interested in it today and call on our expertise.



What were the last exhibitions that you want to highlight here ?


The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions to introduce visitors to artists, brands or products, it is a place of sharing and creation.

We have set up the exhibition "Chambre avec vue" by photographer Romain Vigouroux who works with a process called wet collodion, Japanese artist Haroshi who has been recycling for more than 20 years used skateboards turned into works of art, the exhibition of the young TechNoir brand, a retrospective of snowboard jackets to understand the evolution of cuts and materials.


The museum is a creative laboratory that is open to everything related to art, sport, and passions.



Why is it important to you that the museum is free?


For us, no museum should be paying, accessibility to culture cannot be paid for. No one should stay on the other side of the door because of the price of admission. It is for this reason that the museum will never be chargeable. People who want to support us can make donations, whether material, pecuniary or in any other form by helping us during works or renovations, but there will never be a charge for admission.


Museum team and contributors

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Jim Zbinden

Founder, archivist

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Team Rider pulp68

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Team plaza, illustratrice 

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Team rider Pulp68

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Right hand

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DIY genius

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 Team musée, plaza & team rider TechNoir

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Skate vet, 100%skateboarder sk8 club 

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Team rider Pulp68

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Team rider pulp 68

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Icon, Team Plaza

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team rider TechNoir

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Team plaza, team musée 

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team rider TechNoir

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Web designer

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